“HOOK & high Mastering” was established at 2007, by Shmulik Daniel and Eyal Shafir. The studio is intended to provide a world class facility for audio mastering to the local music industry. The studio was carefully designed and built according to classic American mastering standards. The room’s shape and size were preplanned and determined with compliance to the significant and unique monitor system that was intended to be installed in the room. The beautiful design was inspired by great mastering studios around the world.

The studio offers its clients the leading edge in digital and analog equipment, and combines, on the one hand, some of the prominent brands in the world (such as Lavry Engineering ,E.A.R TC-Electronics Apogy Brystone Dun Lavy and others), and on the other hand, custom made and hand crafted equipment which was carefully planned according to specifications made to fit the special needs of the room.

The studio is capable of handling a wide range of musical genres and styles, and is operated by a highly professional and experienced staff.

The goal of the founders is to put Israel “on the map” of professional mastering services, to present the local industry with a real alternative to the largest mastering facilities in the world, to present its clients with the best service possible, or in other words: “to bring NYC and London to Tel-Aviv”

Idan Kain

Mastering Engineer

Though still young in age, Idan had managed to accumulate lots of experience in different fields in the professional local and international audio industry. Idan is a highly experienced audio, mastering and post production engineer, a talented musician, former instructor at “Yoav Gera Sound School”, and formerly a broadcast radio engineer at “Radius – 100FM”. During his career, Idan had the opportunity to participate as a sound engineer in large musical venues and in complex recording situations, such as large scale live and studio recordings.

Eyal Shafir

Founder | Mastering Engineer

Eyal is one of the founders of Hook & High Mastering, and an experienced mastering engineer, especially rock music, and live music. In addition to his practice as a mastering engineer, Eyal is a lawyer, a member of the Israeli Bar, and owns a law firm, which specializes in the field of intellectual property and entertainment law. Eyal is happily married to Drorit, and a father to Alma and Ido.

Shmulik Daniel

Founder | Mastering Engineer

Shmulik is one of the most respected sound and mastering engineers, and one of the leading and most creative music producers in Israel.
Shmulik had established his first analog recording studio when he was only 14 years old, studying the “art of sound” through experiencing different recording methods in various fields. This, had naturally lead Shmulik to establish back in 1996 one of the most sought after and appreciated recording studios in Israel – “Hook Studio”. During the end of 2006, and due to the lack of sufficient and “high end” mastering studios in Israel, Shmulik had joined forces with Eyal Shafir, and together they had decided to take on the challenge of building a world class mastering facility in Tel-Aviv, and “Hook & high Mastering” was born.
During his impressing career, Shmulik had the opportunity and honor to work with some of the most appreciated artists and engineers in Israel and abroad.

  • CD:

    Marantz 17MK2 CD player
    Apogee AD1000E 20 bit Converters

  • Analog

    EAR 825Q – EQ 
    EMI TG12413 Zener Limiter – Chandler Limited
    I.J.Research – Model 660 Compressor *2
    I.J.Research -TC-48-V3 Mastering Pre/Post Chain 
    I.J.Research – MR-48/V2 Mastering Console Router and Monitor Module 
    I.J.Research – Studio Control System Model 2.4

  • Converters

    Lavry Gold MK-III A/D
    Lavry Blue 4496 D/A * 2
    Apogee “Big Ben” Word Clock
    AES/EBU 192 kHz * 2 Lynx

  • Speaker

    מוניטורים: Dunlavy-4 .
    סאבוופר: Avalon Acoustics
    מגברים: Bryston 7B ST .
    חיווט: Transparent Cables

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